Income generation camps:

THE BUDDHABHOOMI DHAMMADOOT SANGHA BHOPAL organized income generation camps for the benefit of beneficiaries especially women. Demand generated vocational training camps were organized by making the arrangements of experts wherein participants acquired and up-graded their vocational skills and took up income generation activities. These camps include making of various handicraft articles, using easily and locally available raw material like cloth, leather, metal,wood etc. Till now vocational camps organized benefiting more than 500 men and women. These camps were organized in district Bhopal The sale of these products were ensured during the exhibition-cum-sale which helps to increase the self confidence and income of the beneficiaries

Education programs :

To develop the understanding about various government schemes and development of women's leadership, a women conference has been arranged at Bhopal for the village women and SHGs groups. A total of 120 women participated in the conference. They were apprised about various government scheme being run for the benefit of the women e.g. Usha Kiran by W&CD department,Janani and other such schemes. The women were also encouraged to take part in Grain Sabha's activities and play a lead role in it. They were advised that they should send their children especially daughters to the school so that in future they can hold a better role in the society.

Women & Child awareness program:

A training program has been arranged at Bhopal and Raisen for the ASHA workers, Anganwadi workers, Sarpanch and Panch to make them know about the government schemes, MNREGA, RTI, health and nutrition etc. A total of 250 participants took part in it. In the training program the role and responsibility of the ASHA and AWWs were make clear. They were advised to enhance their knowledge towards health and nutrition education so that they can render better services in the anaganwadies.The Sarpanch and Panch were told about the MNREGA and RTI and how they can bring an improvement in their respective roles and responsibility.

Craft work training program:

About eighty percent population of India lives in rural area and for the sake of employment, many of them have to migrate towards cities. THE BUDDHABHOOMI DHAMMADOOT SANGHA BHOPAL believes that if small scale industries are established in rural area, this would be a solution for unemployment, poverty and starvation. In continuation of the same, THE BUDDHABHOOMI DHAMMADOOT SANG HA BHOPAL organized skill development program and gave training in making of incense sticks at block Obedullaganj district Raisen. A training program has been arranged for 30 women participants. The women were advised to establish their own unit and making a good income every month.

Health awareness program:

THE BUDDHABHOOMI DHAMMADOOT SANGHA BHOPAL, organized drug addiction awareness campaign in 2 villages of block Bhopal district bhopal, The program was sponsored by Panchayat and Social Welfare Department. Cultural program, drawing painting programs have been organized to spread the message among the public for the eradication of this social evils. The new generation is the future of tomorrow but it has become status symbol to acquire the drug habits. As per WHO, the addiction is a mental disease and it is preventing the development of the country. The bad effects of the addiction may be seen at social, economical and physical level.

Nasha Mukti camps:

THE BUDDHABHOOMI DHAMMADOOT SANGHA BHOPAL, organized Nash in 5 village of bhopal block and near about 300 persons participated in the program They were told about the Alcoholism, also known as alcohol dependence, is a disease that includes the following four symptoms: craving i.e. a strong need, or urge to drink, loss of control i.e. not being able to stop drinking once drinking has begun, physical after stopping drinking and tolerance i.e. the need to drink greater amounts of alcohol to get "high". The people were advised to avoid or leave drinking habit as it is very much bad for the health and also for the family.

Cultural program:

THE BUDDHABHOOMI DHAMMADOOT SANGHA BHOPAL always takes initial steps to organize cultural program for the benefit of society. These programs give messages to avoid social evils and adopt good practices so that society can get its better status. We encourage local talents to participants in the program and various prizes are arranged to motive the participants .Special cultural programs are organized for the adolescent girls and youth so that they learn the importance of cultural program.

Environmental awareness program:

THE BUDDHABHOOMI DHAMMADOOT SANGHA BHOPAL organized environment awareness program for the benefit of SHG members. They were encouraged to plant more and more tree in their surrounding to save themselves from the bad effect of global warming. They were advised how our negligence to save biodiversity affecting our lives day by day and we are not aware how it will be harmful for our future generation .They were told about the biodiversity and why it has importance.

Rural Development program:

THE BUDDHABHOOMI DHAMMADOOT SANGHA BHOPAL organized an educational program for the benefit of our SHGs groups and the presidents, secretaries, and general members were given the information regarding various central/state government schemes related with rural development program. These session were done to keep in the mind that the knowledge regarding these schemes shall be a help to all the members. All the participants took a great interest in the program and raise various question to know more and more about the scheme. In future also we plan to organize such session for the benefit for villagers in district Vidisha and Raisen.