Emergency Response COVID -19 Help

Lockdown in homes due to corona virus epidemic in the hands of needy families ....

Today, many people have left their bodies due to the corona virus epidemic all over the world, many people are struggling with death and in such a situation many people in our state are helping with poverty, financial support and people who are hungry and thirsty in their homes. Has extended his hand. To fulfill its social responsibility, the institution provides 100 deprived families under the guidance of Pujya Bhante Shakyapunna Sagar Thero ji at Budhbhumi Mahavihara Math, Chunabhatti, Kolar Road, Bhopal and through various collaborative organizations and social activists "to help the needy families" Hands ".... The initiative was started.
The organization is appealing to every section of the society to raise its hand to help the needy people of our state to establish compassion, brotherhood in the society and help those who are hungry and thirsty in their homes and Resolve to fulfill your obligation towards the society and become the medium of inspiration for others after helping at least five needy people.