About Monastery

Buddhabhoomi Dhammadoot Sangha

Organiztion Vision & Miission:

THE BUDDHABHOOMI DHAMMADOOT SANGHA BHOPAL was founded as all social service society with the cooperation of a few individuals who are genuinely interested in social welfare and value based activities. It was constituted under the societies registrar act,1973.It was duly registered by the registrar societies, Madhya pradesh , bhopal. It's registration number is 01/01/01/17275/07 Dated 03/01/2007.The institute is thus, duly registered and is at present functioning on the basis of its own private resources and income.It's preview is entire Madhya pradesh .


The mission of the organization is to unite the women, deprived and exploited people of the working area and build their capacity so that they can get their right due to strength and can join the main stream of the society and live with self respect.


The vision of the organization is the social, education, economical and cultural development of the most suffering, exploited and deprived people of the society by bringing them back to the main stream so that the last man of the society may live peacefully, freely and with dignity.

Target Group:-

  • Minorities,SC's,& OBC's,Communities.
  • Tribal Community.
  • Illiterate Persons
  • BPL Community
  • Small & Marginal Farmers
  • Artisans.
  • Gas Victims.
  • AIDS Victims.
  • Handicapped Persons.
  • Landless laborers.
  • Disable people

Present Expertise Community Organization:-

  • Problem & Context Analysis
  • Need assessment through PRA
  • Village level micro planning
  • Gender sensitization
  • Conflict resoulation
  • IEC material development
  • Individual approach & group counseling
  • Woman mobilization
  • Community participant